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for a peace deal with the taliban. what is next for us inside the war-torn country? jennifer griffin is here to break down the details. plus, on the eve of the first presidential debate both president obama and governor mitt romney are hard at work on their final preps. we'll have an update from the campaign trail next. gregg: there are plans to hold peace talk with the taliban and they've now collapsed, this as nato commander's try to find a new way to boost stability in the region as forces begin to head home. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the details from the pentagon. how seriously did the u.s. military take these peace talks with the taliban. >> not very. this was essentially a state-department-led idea from with some backing from the white house and the president's national security advisers over at the white house when richard holbrooke was still alive as ambassador and envoy to pakistan he backed the idea because many military commander's believed you could not shoot yourself out of this war, out of the war in afghanistan. the pentagon also never believed that
this discussion? why is this so difficult to do? >> the biggest nightmare, the taliban is for us to not leave the region, to have a partnership with the afghan people past 2014. my hope we would withdraw most of our troops in 2014. leave 15 or 20,000 behind to aid the afghan army to make sure there is never a chance for the taliban to take the country over militarily. they know that. what are they trying to do? they're trying to break the partnership apart, the taliban. jenna: would you take the troops and put them in libya and go after the people that murdered our ambassador? >> i would work with the libyan government and the libyan people to have a joint operation to go after the terrorists. in afghanistan i would tell the taliban, you will never come back in power through the use of force. we'll never let this place become a safe haven for terrorists. we'll withdraw a troops substantially but we'll leave a follow-on force behind. your days of hoping to take this country are over and those brave enough to help us will feel emboldened and those that don't will be driven out the region and de
; providing logistics and financial support to the taliban, involvement in a hostage-taking in yemen in which several hostages were killed, and he's also accused of trying to set up an al-qaeda training camp in oregon. the other four are accused of various crimes, two of involvement in deadly attacks on u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania, and two of advocating terror on the web. now, jon, the bbc reported earlier today that one of it reporters had had a conversation with the queen many years back before one suspect was in jail in which she expressed concern that this man was at large while inciting hatred against british subjects. the bbc then had to retract that story because it was really violating, in a sense, a private conversation between her majesty, the queen, and a reporter. however, it is widely said, jon, that that sentiment does reflect a lot of the popular opinion here in the united kingdom. now, as you mentioned, these five could be on planes back to the united states within a matter of weeks if there aren't any last minute plot twists. it is believed that they, if convicted or
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)